Academic Council

1 Chairperson Principal Dr.B.JanakiRamayya
2 Head of sections Head of Mechanical Engineering Dr.G.SatyaNarayana
3 Head of Civil Engineering Sri G.Damodara Rao
4 Head of Computer Engineering Sri V.Vizia Kumar
5 Head of Electrical&Electronics Engineering Smt.K.Padmaja
6 Head of Commercial&Computer Practice Dr.M.L.Kameswari
7 Head of General Section Dr.D.R.S.G.Swamy
8 Four Teachers of the college 1. Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engg Sri P.Ugandhar
9 2. Senior Lecturer in Civil Engg., Sri V V R S Murty
10 3. Senior Lecturer in Electrical &Electronics Engg., Sri P V Suresh
11 4. Senior Lecturer in Computer Engg Sri D.Murali Krishna
 12 Training &Placement Officer Lecturer Dr.P.Srinivasa Rao