Branch Programme Duration (Hrs)
Mechanical Proge - CAD and 2D & 3D Drafting 125
Solid Edge 125
CAM Express 75
Civil Surveying [ Total Station] 200
Electronics Design of Analog and Digital Circutes & C Language 75
Micro Controller & VLSI 100
Electrical 2 D Drafting 75
Computers C & Data Structures 100
SQL Server 100
Java 150
For all Communication Skills, Analytical Skills & Critical Thinking 175
Solar Technologies Techenician Course on Solar Power Technilogies (presently running at SDC Anantapur on pilot basis) 10 Weeks
  SDC is a progressive and student friendly initiative of CTE with a well intended objective to eliminate disconnect between pure theory taught in colleges and the reality in the global job market. SDC will create an opportunity culture where each student has an opportunity to excel and is encouraged to realize his vision and long term objectives. Paramount importance will be given to training students in employability skills that cater to industry and technological needs. But, SDC also realizes the basic truth that being technically good is not adequate and therefore rigorous training will be given in communication skills, sound values and professional ethics to enable the student to venture out in confidence and prove his caliber in the competitive workplace.